#TB4YS Wins Big Thanks To Your Support

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On behalf of Anthony J. Sturdivant and Think Before You Shoot, we would like to thank you for your continued support throughout the Chicago Redeye Big Idea Awards. Thanks to your votes and support creator Anthony J. Sturdivant won the Big Idea Awards this past Friday (11-14-2014) and was presented with the award along with other opportunities to continue to spread this positive message. Together we will change the way we think so that we can attack the gun violence that has been plaguing our city, while also inspiring the communities to create change. Again thank you for you support and we look forward to the opportunity to represent the city of Chicago in a positive way. We would like to thank The Chicago Redeye who showed the movement and Anthony a lot of love and support not only for an idea but for the purpose and message of the idea.

Below you can find a recap of the entire event along with creator and writer Anthony J. Sturdivant’s acceptance speech.

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Chicago Redeye Big Idea Awards Promo Video feat. Think Before You Shoot

Thanks to your support and votes in the semi-final round of the Chicago Redeye Big Idea Awards creator Anthony J. Sturdivant has the opportunity to continue to spread the Think Before You Shoot message. Anthony will be presenting his idea of #TB4YS tomorrow at the Chop Shop located at 2033 W. North Ave at 7pm.  Here is a promotional video Anthony did with the Chicago Redeye for being a finalist in the Big Idea Awards. Come out and support the movement, eat, drink and vote. Tickets are $30.

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Advanced to Final round of The Big Idea Awards

On behalf of Think Before You Shoot we want to thank everyone for voting for creator Anthony J. Sturdivant in the Chicago Redeye Big Idea Awards! Due to your support his idea of creating the Think Before You Shoot campaign has advanced to the final round! Earlier this week he had the opportunity to shoot a promo video and photo shoot for being a finalist. The finale is Friday, November 14th at 7:00 PM at the Chop Shop, 2033 W. North Ave. Tickets are $30 and they will have beverages, food and more so if you want to come out a support please do. We definitely appreciate everyone that supported by voting and helping Anthony continue to the final round!


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Vote for Think Before You Shoot in Chicago’s Big Idea Award!


Click image to vote for creator Anthony J. Sturdivant and #TB4YS in Chicago’s Big Idea Award!

Anthony Sturdivant

Click on image to vote for creator Anthony J. Sturdivant in Chicago Redeye’s Big Idea Award!

Anthony Sturdivant (October 13, 2014)

City/Neighborhood: East Garfield Park

Anthony’s idea:

Think Before You Shoot: An organization and campaign that uses short films and student outreach programs to increase awareness of gun violence.

>> Anthony developed #TB4YS in 2011 after witnessing a robbery at a barbershop. “I decided to connect the feelings and intensity of those few moments with an effort to prevent the violence in our communities,” he said.

>> He hopes to expand the program statewide, and says, “Using my own story as a model, each student will learn to convey and present their own experiences, inspirations and fears through creative writing and the visual arts.”

Click here to vote for the Big Idea in the community category.

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Think Before You Shoot 5 (BTS)

TB4YS 5 Pic 1

Leading actress Conchedia De Pratto

TB4YS 5 Pic 2

Actors Adam “Ghost” Boyd, Avery “AV” Gholston, and Will Spears

TB4YS 5 Pic 3

Actress Johari De Pratto

TB4YS 5 Pic 5

Lead actor and actress Will Spears and Conchedia De Pratto.

TB4YS 5 Pic 6

Actor Will Spears

TB4YS 5 Pic 7

Actors Will Spears and Adam “Ghost” Boyd


Director Will Gates and leading cast Will Spears and Conchedia De Pratto.


Actress Johari De Pratto, director Will Gates and creator/writer Anthony J. Sturdivant.

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Think Before You Shoot 5 Premiere

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This past Saturday (September 13th, 2014) creator and writer of Think Before You Shoot celebrated the premiere of the short film series 5th installment. Think Before You Shoot 5 was written by Anthony J. Sturdivant and directed by Will Gates x KB of Open World Films. The event was held at the filming location for the first short film Think Before You Shoot 1. At the event creator Anthony J. Sturdivant had a screening of the series outside on a projection screen in the West Garfield community. (Think Before You Shoot 5 Below)

(Photography by Shauntae VisualsbyZuria Smith)

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Think Before You Shoot 5 – #TB4YS

While living in Chicago during a time where gun violence is at a high there is a hard working man who is all about protecting his family. He is not affiliated with gangs and have no issues with anyone, but he knows that’s no promise that violence can’t come his way or close to home. For protection he has always owned a gun card and kept a gun around the house. But with the new gun law, this family man saw that as an opportunity to now feel protected legally at all times. What he underestimated is the power that one can gain when carrying such a powerful weapon; with power comes confidence and when used incorrectly in a hostel environment those traits can turn even the nicest guy into a perpetrator. So this message and film is to those who are electing to take advantage of the gun law by carrying a concealed weapon… Anyone can become a perpetrator so please

Written/Produced by: Anthony J. Sturdivant (ant_sturd84)

Directed by: Open World Films x Will Gates (willgatesowf) & KB (@thedopestKB)

Will Spears – Main Character

Conchedia De Pratto -Wife

Johari Li De Pratto – Daughter

Adam “Ghost” Boyd – Friend

Avery “A.V” Gholston – Victim

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Think Before You Shoot 5th Short Film Premiere


Save the date! September 13th, from 5-8pm come out and support the movement! Bring your beach chairs! We will be premiering THINK BEFORE YOU SHOOT 5 directed by OPEN WORLD FILMS Will Gates and KB. 400 N. Central Park Ave. Come enjoy the viewing of the short film series outside on a 144in projection screen, w/ popcorn, nachos, & BBQ. Come meet the cast of the series and enjoy Comedic host Calvin Evans. Pre-order #TB4YS shirts online. 

Think Before You Shoo 5:

Written by Anthony J, Sturdivant

Directed by Open World Films (Will Gates & KB)


Will Spears

Conchedia De Pratto

Johari De Pratto

Adam Boyd

Avery Gholston

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Think Before You Shoot Student Outreach Internship Program

Think Before You Shoot Student Outreach Internship Program. 


We are currently seeking three high school students to join the Think Before You Shoot Student Outreach Internship Program. The students selected will have the opportunity to receive a semester long hands on instructional course from creator, screenwriter and independent filmmaker Anthony J. Sturdivant. These students will receive one on one lessons as they work side by side on how they can also use their creativity to construct change in their communities. Together they will compose innovating ideas, creative writings, and entertaining visuals that will leave a positive impact on their peers.

To be considered for the internship program students will propose a summary (1 paragraph) of an issue that they feel needs to be addressed in their community. They will create an idea, story, PSA, or graphic novel (1 paragraph), that will work on solving that issue. Ideas can be submitted via email and winners will be announced at the upcoming Think Before You Shoot event.

Qualifications: Must be currently enrolled in high school

Email: TB4YSinternship@gmail.com

Deadline: August 29, 2014

Website: www.TB4YS.com

As seen on: NBC Chicago, WTTW’s Chicago Tonight, WCIU The U; You and Me This Morning, Can TV, Chicago Red Eye, Chicago Tribune, The Austin Voice, WGCI 107.5 and more.

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#TB4YS Student Outreach Creative Writing & Visual Arts Program

10304499_10103868268321090_5487810594633764625_n                                                                              Think Before You Shoot 12 week creative writing & visual arts program will be available for grades 6th – 12th, two days a week for 12 weeks.

Equipped with computers and writing/visual presentation tools, students will learn the keys to a variety of writing forms, visual creations, and presentations. These lessons will give the students both tangible abilities in technology and writing, and intangible abilities including college and career readiness, communication, interpersonal and social-emotional learning skills. 

The creative writing portion focuses on teaching the students how to express themselves creatively through writings while utilizing their imagination. Each week the students will learn different writing techniques from journalism to writing jingles. The writing sessions will allow students to use a wide range of idea creation techniques, analyze how parts of a whole interact with each other to produce overall outcomes in complex systems, articulate thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written and nonverbal communication skills in a variety of forms and contexts, and much more.  

The visual arts sessions will allow students to integrate and evaluate information presented in diverse media and formats, including visually, quantitatively, and orally. The presentations provides another level of conceptualization as well as the realization that they have the tools to produce a film, report a major news story, or compose a song.

As a result of being a part of the program students will walk away with the confidence and knowledge of one’s creativity, presentation, and ideas. We want to expose them to a growth mindset; the belief that with effort and perseverance, you can expand your intellect, broaden your skills, improve your character, and overcome obstacles. We want them to understand and see that the key to getting ahead is not as a result of inherited talent or skill but, old-fashioned hard work. It’s believed that the fundamental difference between the wildly successful and those that settle is not any inborn characteristic or individual learned behavior but how we think about skills and learning in general. The objective is to inspire the youth to become successful creator leaders and change the way in which the students think. How we think creates change.

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