Think Before You Shoot 5 Premiere

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This past Saturday (September 13th, 2014) creator and writer of Think Before You Shoot celebrated the premiere of the short film series 5th installment. Think Before You Shoot 5 was written by Anthony J. Sturdivant and directed by Will Gates x KB of Open World Films. The event was held at the filming location for the first short film Think Before You Shoot 1. At the event creator Anthony J. Sturdivant had a screening of the series outside on a projection screen in the West Garfield community. (Think Before You Shoot 5 Below)

(Photography by Shauntae VisualsbyZuria Smith)


About TB4YS

I am a screenwriter and producer from the west side of Chicago, Illinois who is ultimately looking to make a change through films. I recently started a short film mini series that will focus on promoting positivity around the world while asking for individuals to think before they shoot. I've always been someone who wanted to speak positivity into the world, but most importantly the youth. I want to get as many messages out as possible; these perpetrators electing to shoot with intentions on harming another are affecting the society as a whole.
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