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           Think Before You Shoot is an organization that utilizes short films to emphasis attention on how one person’s decision can prevent gun violence. Its mission is to visually connect with people through films and appearances with intentions on educating them on life lessons that includes the importance of thinking, decision making, anger management, peer pressure, and most importantly gun violence. #TB4YS is on a mission to get individuals to think before they act/re-act and take responsibility for their actions.  We want to restore the value of life to the individuals along with providing them with the confidence to control their success and believe in themselves.  “Think Before You Shoot” non-profit organization will take this approach through the usage of short films, student outreach programs, merchandising, school visitations, and public speaking.

Short Films 

            Each #TB4YS film magnifies the importance of thinking before participating in the act of gun violence. The series intentions are not to preach down on individuals but too encourage the ones who can quickly become perpetrators to think before they shoot. It also allows the viewers to connect visually and emotionally so that they too will spread the message and help make a change. There are different situations, emotions, and results that will leave the audience not only touched enough to share the message but to also leave them anticipating more.  The short films are made available on CanTV, YouTube and DVD.

Student Outreach Program

2 – Hour Interactive Seminar

#TB4YS and creator Anthony J. Sturdivant begins each seminar by showing the film(s) along with an introduction on what he does and why he started Think Before You Shoot. After viewing the films, students begin sharing their thoughts on the films, point of view on life, and how they feel about gun violence. In this open discussion, Sturdivant pushes them to uncover the many messages associated within each film. There are extra credit assignments with questions on a sheet of paper passed out for the students to answer and write about in regards to the presentation. Each seminar is met with great enthusiasm and
drives home the importance of both education and self-education, success, life-lessons and confidence, that like Sturdivant, they can create change.

12-Week Creative Writing Seminar

The 12-week #TB4YS Creative Writing Seminar provides students with the ability to express themselves creatively through writings and the arts. Using his stories as a model, Sturdivant teaches the students to use their own experiences, inspirations and fears to create compelling and thought-provoking writing. Each week the students learn different writing techniques from journalism to screenwriting. By expanding these techniques, the students develop their critical thinking, improvisation, and overall communication skills. After the writing component, the students share no only their stories with the class, but present how they would bring this story to life utilizing technology. This presentation provides another level of conceptualization as well as the realization that they have the tools to produce a film, report on a major news story, or compose a song.

Community Events

            #TB4YS will be hosting events throughout the communities in order to bring supporters together and celebrate something positive. These events will be screenings of the films, fundraisers, back to school events, sporting events and much more all created to bring peace into the neighborhoods. There will be merchandise available, food, beverages and more for those in attendance and as the movement continues to grow there will also be media coverage involved to help further spread the message and get our voices heard. These events will allow individuals to get more involved and more hands on so that we can show our support against gun violence.


To further spread the message into the schools and streets there are and will be #TB4YS t-shirts, stickers, DVDs, wristbands, school supplies and more merchandise available for the youth at the schools, boys & girls clubs, after school programs and others interested in supporting the message.

Anthony J. Sturdivant

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